Frequently Asked Questions

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1Who are we?
FMDQ Academy is the market education initiative of the FMDQ Group which delivers relevant trainings to financial market participants using effective instructional approaches and technology.
2Who are the target stakeholders?
Trainings offered by the Academy are open to all financial market participants and observers such as regulators, operators, issuers, media practitioners, business establishments, students and the investing public.
3Why subscribe to FMDQ Academy training modules?
FMDQ Academy offers specialised, convenient and comprehensive financial market trainings using competency-based curriculum and modules that are strategically developed to deliver requisite knowledge, skills and competencies.
4What are the available learning delivery channels?
The Academy delivers learning through e-Learning, face-to-face and blended learning. The channels are specially designed to address the diverse learning needs of the stakeholders.
5How much does it cost to access the e-Learning modules?
All our e-Learning modules are free at the moment. Maximum commitment is however demanded from learners.
6How long does it take to complete a course on the e-Learning portal?
There is no restriction to the time it takes to complete a particular course on the portal. However, we advise that learners should dedicate reasonable time to all the modules to progressively optimise the learning opportunity.
7How can I know when an update or a new module is available?
Registered users will receive an email update when a new course or module is available on the e-learning portal.
8Can I access the materials on a phone or tablet device?
Yes, the e-learning portal is accessible through web browsers of major smart mobile devices.
9Are the module exams compulsory?
Yes, learners are issued a digital certificate of course completion when they pass the assessment.
10How can I register for a course?
Kindly click on the E-learning User Guide Under Courses to download the Academy’s e-learning user guide for more detailed information on how to register for a course
11How can I keep in touch?
Kindly send an email to or call +234 1-277-1719. We are also available on various social media handles - @FMDQGroup.
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